Sweet Little Gifts: Stylish Books

Mom, Dad, Trey--they're easy. They give me lists. It's the friends, favorite cousins, nieces, that make Christmas shopping so, um, fun. So this year, stylish books for stylish friends: The Goddess Guide (fashion and beauty here and across the pond), The Little Black Book of Style (love the Ruben Toledo drawings), Slim (who doesn't love Cynthia?), and Put On Your Pearls, Girls! (is there any better advice?).
P.S. To those favorite cousins: don't worry, you're still getting silver ornaments.


Things That Inspire said...

I always love getting books for Christmas! In particular, design books and cook books.

franki durbin said...

I love this roundup of books. I have at least ten books on my wish list...now I have a few more to add ;) Love the title of the Pearls book. Love it.

babe said...

me too.
grateful to have that book.
so inspired to me.
i wanna share some healthy live from my blog. hope you enjoyed too.