dining in

I would love to have dinner here, in the new "barn" of Ina Garten. I would be fine just eating a bowl of her macaroni and cheese on one of those barstools. View the rest of the pictures here, from House Beautiful (found via Jane).


green with envy

I love the shades of green used throughout the home of Heather Taylor, the guest blogger over at design*sponge.


nest candles

Speaking of Neiman's, my friend Mary Margaret bought this candle, Moss & Mint by Nest Fragrances, the other day. It's part of Laura Slatkin's new venture, and it smells heavenly.

russell + hazel

While passing through Minneapolis back in September, I made a little trip to the Russell + Hazel flagship store. I think you could safely call that place the Neiman Marcus of office supplies. I left with the address file I've been wanting for about a year now, and these big rubber bands to put around notebooks.


don't forget

As if there was any possible way you could forget to vote...I'm going to try to go early on Friday. Mitzi and Romano's (a cute little boutique) has some great reminders on display.


i love fall: decorations

Seriously, fall is the easiest time of year to decorate, especially if you have an affinity for orange. Stack some pumpkins, throw out some gourds, and buy a couple of candles--you're set until December.
P.S. I seem to have developed an almost unhealthy obsession with Ana Candles, especially since they spiffed up their website.


everything old is new again

It's rainy and cold here in Atlanta, so it might be a good day to break out the wellies. And did you read this article in the NY Times? Dad, who knew you were so stylish?!?
{image: hunter}

natsumi nishizumi

I have been feeling quite uninspired lately. But then, I found the lovely drawings of Natsumi Nishizumi (via Oh Joy!), and that has helped. Looks like she's putting together a nice calendar, too.


in the red

The cover of the new Vogue makes me want to wear red lipstick, which I probably haven't done since my fifth grade dance recital. I love Reese, and since some friends of mine from college went to high school with her...well, we're practically best friends.

drink up

I love these wine bottles, by The Magnificent Wine Co. Check out the rest of their wines--sure does simplify things.
{from simple song via the Dieline}


easy as pie

Yesterday I bought a pair of jeans at the (sorta) new Madewell store at Lenox. It was absolutely the easiest jean buying experience I've ever had. Good fits, good colors, and plain pockets--because I am so over playing the designer jean guessing game. Guess I get that from my dad, a man who has been known to attempt to remove a certain embroidered polo pony from his shirts.
P.S. She designs their snappy little newsletter/calendar.


my kind of bling

Sometimes I think I need a signature piece of jewelry. This might make a nice one (by Etsy seller Kate Szabone).


on the bedside table

Or at least this book will be on my bedside table, as soon as it is released in November. I'm itching to read something about the art world, especially after chatting with the adorable Emily Amy at her gallery last Friday (thanks for the tip, Millie).
{image: living, etc.}


happy birthday, dad!

My dad's one request since I started this blog was for me to post a picture of Trey and his turkey (Trey is on the left). I have told him repeatedly that I did not feel my gentle readers would be one bit interested in this topic, and I'm afraid some will be completely turned off altogether. But since my dad turns 60 today, I thought that I'd humor him, just this once.
P.S. He also asked for a correction to this post.

cheaper than upholstery

So now that Paper Source has opened in my neighborhood, I'm pretty sure my life will never be the same--in a good way. Since I'm currently obsessed with textiles, I'm thinking bookcovers in some of their exquisite papers might satisfy this desire (and be a tad less expensive than Les Indiennes and John Robshaw).

i love fall: candy corn

And I love the candy pumpkins, too. As I was browsing the internet today, I found that you can pretty much do an entire candy corn theme in October if your little heart desires.


i love fall: tights

This year, my tights will be gray. I am especially inspired by the middle picture to pair them with my mustard corduroy skirt and my red patent shoes.
(images: style.com, j. crew, active endeavors}


be still my heart

Some gorgeous monogrammed letterpress stationery I found on Etsy, from seller invited ink. Surely I can find someone to give this to for Christmas.

good lighting

I am crazy about this chandelier. I think it's the perfect mix of modern (Trey) and old-fashioned (me). At DWR.


form not function

So Trey and I love these chairs. And then we sat in them, and we do not love them so much anymore. Talk about disappointing. Not to mention that 6'2" Trey barely fit in the chair.
{image: Living, etc.}

for lea

Congratulations, Lea! MM told me your happy news, and it sounds like you might be needing one of these little dresses. I am so happy for you and Bryan.
P.S. I hope your dad isn't reading!


another new how-to book

I think I might like to add this book to my library. Sounds pretty good, and I'm sure Ruben Toledo's illustrations make it even better.

cute girl

Every time I see this girl, I wish I had on her outfit. She has such great style (and it makes sense that she is a fashion designer).