south of the border

I started hearing some buzz about Mexican Coke a while back, because it's made with cane sugar instead of America's favorite sweetener, high-fructose corn syrup. So passing a grocery store in Fort Valley, I gave it a try and it was really good--we're talking pre-1985 good. Well, the secret's out--read all about it here in this month's Garden and Gun.

summer linens

How fun to set a summer table with some vintage Vera napkins? I found these on Etsy, after reading Eddie Ross' Storque post: 1. The Collector's Closet, 2. RetroWear. 3. Joules.


florence (green)

So much to see in Florence--highlights included climbing the Duomo and dinner at Le Barrique. And after touring the Uffizi, I'm a little less concerned about the cracks in my plaster walls.


venice (blue)

Maybe the tourists have gotten the best of it, but I still thought it was the most magical place I've ever been. Everything is a photo op in that town.

tory's inspiration boards

tory burch's south of france inspiration board
I love to browse through Tory Burch's inspiration boards (found via style court). Really, I love to browse through anyone's inspiration boards, and I'd love an entire book or website devoted to them.
{image: tory burch's style guide}


milan (orange)

Stylish city--how could it not be--with bits of orange around every turn. We were only there for one night, but it was a great place to start.


So I'll share a few of my (588) pictures of Italy. Inspired by this advice from Nichole and her blog, Little Brown Pen, I tried to pick a color in each city and shoot it. These next posts will help me figure out if that worked out.

summer scarf

The only time I felt halfway stylish in Italy was when I was wearing a scarf. Gap--put this one on sale and I'll buy it.

how to take pictures

I tried to get Trey to take pictures of me walking around Italy (like this) but he doesn't really play that game (the architect is better with buildings). Maybe I can photoshop my head on her body and add it to my scrapbook? Love flipping through the online catalogs at Toast, where I found this one.
{image: toast}


a little bit of italy

Just a little taste of our trip to Italy--more to come. It was amazing, of course, and now I need a vacation to get over my jet lag. Fortunately we were not near L'Aquila during the earthquake, but joined in a national moment of silence last Friday while in the Sistine Chapel.