Three More Wishes

So I read about this "blister elixir" here, and I might just have to give it a try. Supposed to create "a smooth, dry, slippery surface that prevents the rubbings and irritations that cause blisters." I swear, if I had three wishes, this would be one of them. Guess I better start thinking of something else to wish for. Made by Peaches and Boo Boo (what the heck kinda name is that?), you can buy it at Smallflower.
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In my next life (the one with the larger fashion budget), I will wear Marni twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. From Spring 2008 RTW.
{images: Marcio Madeira for style}


Pretty Rings

I found these rings last night, by Jane Diaz, at Garnet Hill. I just thought they were really pretty. And with the holidays coming up, who knows?
{image: Garnet Hill}

Kitchen Renovation

While I'm in complete denial that there is a kitchen renovation in my near future (that reminds me, I need to get that Xanax refilled), I know it will be worth it when it's finished. Maybe it will look like this one by Carla Lane that I saw all over the blogosphere last week. I did just buy a bag of Granny Smith apples.
{image: Carla Lane via design*sponge}


The Secret of Life

A good book, bubbles, and a fabulous bathroom--that's all you really need. I think this bathroom belongs to one of the Herrera girls, and was in the first issue of Domino.


Must Have

I...must...have...this...shawl. I think it would basically solve all of the problems in my (fashion) life.

Good Things

While cleaning out some old emails, I found these ideas that I'd saved from Martha. While her projects are usually a little too involved for my tastes, I figured I could handle these two. Stamping books seems like a nice way to personalize your library, and this photo album sounds as easy as pie.


Pink Coral

That SF Girl by Bay is one crafty chick. Disappointed with her chosen shade of pink, she added some of her acrylics and ended up with this gorgeous (I think) shade of coral. These pictures are of her hallway.

The Lee Brothers

These guys are great. Grew up in Charleston, then went to school up north (Amherst? Harvard? somewhere like that). Started a boiled peanuts mail-order business in their NYC apartment, and the rest is history. The cookbook recently won the James Beard award. Their recipes un-Paula Deen southern cooking, using only necessary amounts of butter. And they sound dee-vine.

Inspirational Paper

I saw these notepads, from Charlotte Moss, on my daily visit to Style Court. Perhaps overpriced at $170 for the set, but nice quotes to think on.


Daily French Fix

After travelling to France last spring, I turned into a bit of a Francophile--which I write as my dad chokes on his freedom fries. I get my daily fix from these sites:

At Paris Breakfasts, Carol Gillot paints lovely watercolors of details from the City of Light.

The blog of the interiors website Bodie and Fou is where Elodie and Karine share "all the chic and inspiring French addresses" they know. This post shows more pictures of their house in Southwest France, photographed by Alun Callender.

Claudia Strasser, author of the The Paris Apartment, has a website of the same name, where she posts great photos of Paris.

Chateau de Massillan

Note to self: Next trip to Provence, I want to stay here, at the Chateau de Massillan. Located in the Vaucluse region, it was formerly the hunting lodge of Henry II and his life-long companion(i.e. mistress), Diane de Poitier. Now it just looks like a pretty amazing place to stay. Owned and designed by Peter Wylly and Birgit Israel.

Cute Top

Joanna Weinberg, author of the cookbook How to Feed Your Friends with Relish, is wearing the cutest red and white top in this picture. Don't know anything about it, except that I found the pic while reading this post at All the Best. She sure looks like she's having more fun cooking than I ever do. And better dressed, too.


Tonight's Low in the 50s

Break out those blankets, kids, cold weather is here. Some nice candles, decor, and gourds for Fall from Pottery Barn.


La Compagnie de Provence

Village of Gordes
in Gordes

Saturday market in Arles

{image: lucky scent}

While in Provence last spring, I found a store in Gordes, its shelves filled with these wonderful bottles of lotion and soap. Made in Marseille with lots of olive oil. The thought of hauling them around the south of France kept me from buying them. Good thing, because now they seem to be everywhere.


Dear Santa, May I please have these boots for Christmas? I know I bailed on my riding career in ninth grade (my broken arm is completely healed), but I don't think those boots will fit anymore. I would love to have a pair of these under the tree. Can't wait to see you in December! love, laura
p.s. mom--They're already on their way.
{image: j.crew}



Sometimes it seems as though cupcakes are taking over the world, and that is just fine by me. They are awfully fancy these days, but I'm happy with them right out of the box (even using applesauce instead of oil). I did hear that Sprinkles is coming to Atlanta, and we've already got the delightful Sweet Pockets.
{images: top and cupcake with candle, sprinkles; others, martha stewart}

Ultimate Luxury

As you might have guessed, I'm a bit obssessed with books. Started out as an English major. But I'll admit, there is nothing better than a good magazine. So decorator Charlotte Moss' leather-bound Vogue magazines would be pure heaven. Think I'd have them bound in orange.
{image: new york social diary via style court}


Dream Libraries

{image: ??? via absolutely beautiful things}

{image: athena says}

{image: design*sponge}

I think I would really enjoy a library where the books were organized by color. Instead of organinzed by, um, well nothing right now.



I've never been to this store in San Francisco, but I sure would like to go. Until then, it's a nice place to browse from afar on a rainy Friday night. Those shells are small boxes, and they have their own perfumes. Found via Oh Happy Day.
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Alabama Chanin

Pretty pictures from Alabama Chanin. Handmade jewelry, fashion, furniture, accessories--edgy Deep South. You can get lost in their website, especially the Journal.

Favorite Things

Took this picture while doing a little window shopping in Savannah.
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Lucky Scent

I love this website, and I just love these pictures in general. They carry lots of perfumes I've never seen or heard of, and you can order $3 samples of almost all of them. And there are descriptions and comments about each fragrance to ease your choice of a new signature scent.
{images: lucky scent}