my favorite color

Hope you have a nice long weekend! I think this picture (an old, favorite scrapbook of mine) sums up the end of summer nicely.

how to make a box

What a wonderful little idea I found on design*sponge. I had to post it, so I'd have the directions on how to make the little box, too. Perfect for all the little scraps of pretty paper I can't seem to part with.


rikshaw design

If one day we are blessed with little ones, I want the baby bedding to be from Rikshaw Design. So refreshing, found via beach bungalow 8.


I cannot begin to put into words how excited I am that soon (coming October 2008!) Paper Source will be opening in my neighborhood. And by neighborhood, I mean within walking distance of my house! One of my first purchases may be this book covering kit. Seriously, the day I saw the sign was one of the happiest days of 2008.

how to take pictures

I loved the post by The Sartorialist on 18 August 2008, "Photography=Anticipation." Clearly, the man knows what he's talking about.

i love stripes

I haven't tried any Korres products yet, but this wonderful striped packaging sure is tempting me. Good thing I have oily skin.


goodbye, olympics

I have enjoyed watching this year's Olympics so much, I'm probably going to go through a bit of a withdrawal this week. My best friend Heather and I won gold (she probably won for best hair) at our friend Olivia's birthday party many years ago.
P.S. That Mrs. Lutz could give some parties. One year she sewed everyone Strawberry Shortcake hats, another year she put up a maypole in their front yard.

farmhouse wares

Some pretty things I found while browsing the farmhouse wares site, found via (the most tasteful advertising ever on) {frolic!}. Nice blog, too.


kate spade + paperbacks

This post by This is Glamorous reminded me of how much I love it when kate spade uses paperback books in ads. I am quite guilty of often overlooking the paperback in favor of its sturdier cousin with a hardcover. But some of those little ones really have style.
P.S. I do love all of Salinger's Glass family books.
{images: found here from a google search}


record the day

I am so inspired by these collages (?) I found on the blog Record the Day. Makes me want to buy some index cards and a date stamp and go to town.

how to remember birthdays

I love this perpetual calendar from A Little Hut. You buy and download the template, print it out, then add your own favorite paper and fabric scraps to finish it. Brilliant.


summer tomatoes

Summer is tomatoes ripening in the windowsill. These were homegrown, mostly by Trey, and the monster ones by my parents. You can imagine how good they taste between two pieces of white bread with some Hellman's and salt and pepper.

a new dress

I am so proud of my weekend purchase--it's cute, comfortable, and I'm pretty sure it won't require much ironing. Surprisingly, it's Patagonia, so I guess I can wear it to the mall and on hikes in the Andes.
P.S. I love the print--reminds me of Orla.



After seeing the beautiful stationery created for The Speckled Egg, I had to order something from simplesong. I chose some lovely notecards for my cousin, and they came boxed and ready to go. She even included some little treats for me! Now that, my friends, is customer service.

today's favorite flower: zinnias

Zinnias grow like wildfire this time of year at my house. I love them because the more you cut them, the more they grow. So I put them everywhere--from the bathroom to the dining room (in my new pitcher, thanks to my sweet father-in-law).



Some new (and old) favorite Etsy textiles, found via decor8's Domino magazine post. These are from kalla in Japan.


fall palette

I'm pretty sure I could create a lovely fall wardrobe from the colors in this Missoni print.
{image: marcio madeira for style.com}

i like your scarf

Nice scarves, with an even nicer story. Made by A Peace Treaty, found via Creature Comforts.


Oh, how I love these shoes. I tried to go in the Repetto store in Paris, but there was a line to get in, and we had too much to see.


why i love ruthie sommers

Not only is she an incredibly talented designer, she also sounds like like an awfully down-to-earth kind of girl. Like this quote, from her profile on 1stdibs: "Sommers practices her mother's daily mantras, which range from modesty (especially when it comes to showing designer labels), to writing thank-you notes and being mindful of the environment. 'I re-use everything I can,' says Sommers. 'That's why I adore antiques--plus, they're green!'"

wooden hangers

Sometimes I think that a closet filled with wooden hangers may be the secret to total, complete happiness.


beach bar

Off to the beach for a few days. When I can't get there in person, I like to close my eyes and pretend I'm in this picture. Photograph by Maura McEvoy, via coco + kelly.

walker bags

Trying to pack all my shampoo + facewash + sunscreen + lip balm + makeup + etc. has made me realize how nice it would be to have a few of these. Form and function at its best.


travel in style

I had some time on my hands last Saturday night (my cable was out), so I found myself flipping through all my old issues of Domino. I loved these two outfits. Yes, I read it for the interiors and the people (and what they're wearing).
{images: domino, June 2006}


vacation home: spain

So I saved the best for last: the Formentera home of Marni designer Consuelo Castiglioni. Photographed in 2004 for Vogue by Francois Halard. I can only imagine what wonderful clothes are hiding in that bedroom closet.

beach essentials: earrings

I saw these earrings, by Maya Brenner, over at A Little Sussy, and thought they'd be perfect for the one piece of jewelry to take to the beach.


beach essentials: jack rogers

In my humble (well, actually I'm probably an expert on this one), these are the best-looking, well-made sandals in the world. Just ask Jackie.


alys beach

Alys Beach doesn't look like it's smack dab in the middle of the Redneck Riviera, now does it?

vacation home: italy

The vacation home of Silvia Fendi, on the island of Ponza. I think the tile has inspired more than a few baguettes. Photographed for Vogue June 2002 by Francois Halard, quite possibly the best issue ever (because of all the "designers' vacation secrets").

beach essentials: margarita

Now this one isn't for tequila snobs, but it's my favorite margarita of all time. You don't even need measuring cups--just use the can. My personal creation and recipe:

Blue Margaritas

1 large can frozen limeade
1/2 can tequila
1/4 can Blue Curacao

Put in blender with lots of ice and turn it on. Drink a few and get ready to giggle a lot.