So my quest for a perfume that smells exactly like Kiehl's Grapefruit lotion has ended--they made their own, Grapefruit 1976. And I don't think it's a coincidence that this scent was originally introduced the year I came into this world.
{image: temptalia}

chic retreats

I have been thoroughly enjoying myself while browsing Chic Retreats, full of little jewel box hotels. I've pretty much planned trips to all seven continents.
P.S. I wrote this post pretty late last night, and after re-reading it, I realized I should have written 6/7 continents--Antarctica isn't really on my travel radar.


my inner nerd

Let's just say that if I won the lottery, I'd probably go back to school and get a PhD in Linguistics (don't even get me started on how much I love the Great Vowel Shift). That statement probably helps explain why I am dying to read this book, by Kitty Burns Florey. Some of the happiest days of my life were spent at the chalkboard diagramming sentences in Mrs. Bowman's 7th grade language arts class.
P.S. My inner nerd also loved this post a while back by Jane.


virtual entertaining: valentine's day luncheon

I love the planning part of entertaining, but it's the execution that I'm not very good at (coupled with the fact that my kitchen is currently under renovation). If I was giving a Valentine's Day luncheon (girls only), these would be the ingredients:

Table: ribbon placecards (using leftover Christmas ribbon), red and pink striped Ana Candles, red tulips, napkins made from fabric by pippijoe
Menu: grilled cheese and tomato soup, hot chocolate with marshmallows for dessert
Favors: striped lollipops

{images/details: 1. martha stewart, 2. ana candles, 3. the floral scent, 4. pippijoe, 5. candy warehouse, 6. martha stewart}


on the bedside table

Rococo by Adriana Trigiani is light, easy, and made me laugh out loud (and will do the same for all of you with any interest in decorating). A perfect escape for these less than perfect times.
{images: barnes and noble, living, etc. }

good looking

Love this return address label from Etsy seller Boetieque.


santa maria novella

Trying to plan a little trip to Italy in April, and hoping Ill be able to make a little visit to Santa Maria Novella. Those monks sure know how to make some pretty products.
{image: lafco}


my favorite girl (2nd) cousin

My little cousin Meg got the coolest gift from Santa, an old typewriter (note to SantaTrey--I want one, too). So during the holidays, we set her up with a fake martini and she typed out the sweetest letter to me that I will save forever.
P.S. Maybe the Easter Bunny can put a new typewriter ribbon in her basket.

In case you can't read it: Dear Laura, you have very cute shoes. I wish I had some like that. Even though you are not my cousin, you are a very good cousin. You are very pretty and I hope you have a very good CHRISTMAS......................meg


dining out

My in-laws have been visiting for the past two nights, and though it's been a tight squeeze in our 2BR/1BA, they have treated us to some delicious dinners out. Monday night we had dinner at what easily may be my favorite restaurant in Atlanta, re'past.

breath of fresh air

Love the look of these candles by Etsy seller Ol'factory Candle Company. Who knew there was a perfect candle for the golf lover?


b. braithwaite

I avoid baby stores like the plague--maybe it's because I spent 20 minutes in Babies R Us one day looking for a crib top sheet , only to realize there's a reason babies don't need top sheets. Or maybe it's because I work with kids, and I'm just not ready to have one waiting on me when I get home. No matter, because that all changed when I purchased three gifts (a shower every Saturday in January) at b. braithwaite. A beautiful store, the nicest people, and the wrapping is the best part.


cult of kate spade

I would happily drink the kool-aid offered to me by any of the Kate Spade crowd. And I'd love to go through the closet of Creative Director Deborah Lloyd, from Harper's Bazaar, February 2009.


even in this day and age

I love a girl who writes real letters. And I love these pictures of her tools, from February's domino.


modern monogram

If I wasn't already maxed out on stationery, I would be ordering this set from Black Pearl Press. Nothing I like more than a modern monogram.


j. crew spring

Looks as though it won't be too difficult to spend those J. Crew gift cards I got for Christmas!


i want candy

One of my favorite holiday things was consuming a large amount of red licorice scottie dogs. I got mine at Star Provisions, where my mom and split the best Shrimp Po'Boy I've ever eaten. Next time I will be ordering my own.

giada at home

I know I've said this before, but I love Giada. I've got her Winter Minestrone simmering on my stove, and I've been enjoying these pictures of her home from Architectural Digest. I especially love the kitchen set of her new show, Giada at Home.