i want candy

One of my favorite holiday things was consuming a large amount of red licorice scottie dogs. I got mine at Star Provisions, where my mom and split the best Shrimp Po'Boy I've ever eaten. Next time I will be ordering my own.


Jane said...

oh, i'd love to go to star provisions some day. glad to hear the food is good!

buericana said...

I keep forgetting your from Atlanta! Star Provisions is my very favorite place to go in Atlanta. Favs are the falafel, grilled cheddar and for dessert the soft serve ice cream with olive oil and sea salt. Amazing. Next time I go, I swear to you I am getting the smores under the glass, though.

Laura said...

Jane--I know you'd love it--definitely a foodie's dream

Buericana--My friends were just raving about that ice cream on Saturday; I am going to have to try it!