virtual entertaining: valentine's day luncheon

I love the planning part of entertaining, but it's the execution that I'm not very good at (coupled with the fact that my kitchen is currently under renovation). If I was giving a Valentine's Day luncheon (girls only), these would be the ingredients:

Table: ribbon placecards (using leftover Christmas ribbon), red and pink striped Ana Candles, red tulips, napkins made from fabric by pippijoe
Menu: grilled cheese and tomato soup, hot chocolate with marshmallows for dessert
Favors: striped lollipops

{images/details: 1. martha stewart, 2. ana candles, 3. the floral scent, 4. pippijoe, 5. candy warehouse, 6. martha stewart}


{michelle} said...

What a fun idea!

baker said...
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simplesong said...

love the marshmallows!