More Marni Love

It's all in the details, though I'd 86 those glasses.
{images: Marni Fall 2008 RTW at style.com}


Marni + Laura = True Love 4 Ever

My love for Marni knows no bounds. And can I get an "Amen" to pink for Fall!
{images: Marni Fall 2008 RTW at style.com}


All in the Family

If the Missoni reincarnation doesn't work out for me, maybe I can join up with the Ferragamos. Not a bad looking bunch. Not to mention the shoe perks. I think I could live happily ever after at their little estate in Tuscany.
{images: Salvatore Ferragamo Fall 2008 RTW at style.com; Harper's Bazaar


In My Next Life

Margherita Missoni (Greg Kessler for style.com)

I think in my next life I will choose to come back as Margherita Missoni. I mean seriously--she's gorgeous, she gets to wear all those amazing clothes, and I've yet to see a compromising picture of her. And I don't want to hear about if you have.
{images: Missoni Fall 2008 Ready to Wear at style.com}


Lovely Gocco

I'm not exactly sure what gocco is, but Sarah sure does a nice job with it with these cards. Found via Simple Lovely.


You're Invited

The invitation for when you just can't be bothered to make any sort of decision. At Design Within Reach. Click on the picture for better view.


Glamour Girls

My life doesn't really lend itself to lots of glamorous parties, but I do have a little stash of visual inspiration, in case I ever need it. Especially the up-dos in these pictures, which is about all you can do with my baby-fine tresses.
{images: Vogue, Bazaar}
P.S. The last picture looks better if you click on it; It was ripped out and pasted in a scrapbook of sorts.


With Love

In high school, I rarely had a valentine on that specific day, so instead my friend Leslie and I would make and send them to our favorite old ladies. One of the benefits of living in a small town was you could put them in the mail in the morning, and they'd arrive that afternoon, postmarked February 14th. Couldn't find one I liked for my grandmother, so I decided to get crafty again.



Can't wait to add to this to my shelf, when it is released in June. Tipped off by Habitually Chic. BTW, I also want every book on coterie books--she has excellent recommendations.


I just can't think of spring without some sort of sailor stripe. Just ask Coco.
{images: the sartorialist for style, teen vogue, Chanel}



I've always been a big fan of Marimekko, and I loved the fabric on this sofa in the Anthropologie catalog. There is lots more fabulousness at their website.


Roses, Roses, Roses

About those roses--to quote I Suwannee and my great-aunt Tissie, "I have never in all my life seen such." Quite over the top. From a wedding in Windsor, Florida, where I do love that chapel.
{images: Town & Country Weddings}

Sweet Soaps

I think I might like some little soaps instead of little chocolates for Valentine's Day.
{image: basic french}


In the Land of Cotton

Elegant pictures from Billy Reid, in the grand tradition of Southern hunting lodges. Although those heels might not be the best for quail hunting.

Pretty Cute

I do love an orange wallet! It makes me happy each time I take mine out of my bag. This one, by Comme des Garcons (at luckyscent) might be my upgrade one day.