beach essentials: fried shrimp

Safe Harbor Marina Restaurant, south of Amelia Island and north of Jacksonville, Florida (next to the Mayport Ferry), had the best fried shrimp I've ever eaten in my life. I think the restaurant has gone through some changes, so I'm not promising anything anymore. But man, the good old days.


beach essentials: sunscreen

I just recently started using this sunscreen, Shiseido SPF 55 lotion, instead of moisturizer, primer, foundation, etc. Not only does it protect my face, it has an amazing oil-control side effect--even in this humid Georgia climate.

vacation home: nantucket

Some favorite images of the Nantucket summer home of Ashley Brittingham, by Jeffrey Bilhuber. Photographed for Vogue by Francois Halard.


vacation home: maine

This southern girl's dream vacation home is one off the coast of Maine. Like this one, belonging to Patricia (Herrera) and Gerrity Lansing.
{images: Eric Cahan for House & Garden}

at the beach

Some beach posts this week, in anticipation of a little vacation next week. From Mary Randolph Carter's book American Family Style, via beach bungalow 8.


hable shells

I think the reason I love the Carolyn Quartermaine fabric so much is because it reminds me of one of my all-time favorite Hables.

carolyn quartermaine

I don't know if I'm stalking this fabric or it's stalking me, but it keeps turning up unexpectedly everywhere I look.
{images: carolyn quartermaine via oh joy!, Hotel Delos via coco + kelly}


summer is...

Summer, to me, is: 1. mom's sunflowers, 2. fresh blueberries, and 3. dad's fried okra.

victoria pearson

I loved Victoria Pearson's home, and I love the pictures I found on her website.

return to sender

Very cute custom rubber stamp design by Etsy seller sweet paperie.


nantucket style

In the style of the Sartorialist, photos from the streets of Nantucket by photographers Lauryn Levin and Zofia Waig for style.com. Sometimes--well, most of the time, simple is best.


at the cabin: texture

This post at Linda & Harriet inspired these pictures of the cabin. So Johnny, does this explain what I was doing?

for kristin

Kristin--thought you might like to see some of the flowers from Mom's garden. What do you think?


i love green

I love green, and I love how it used as an accent throughout the home of photographer Victoria Pearson. Her photographs, from the August 2008 House Beautiful.


garden & gun

Have you seen this magazine? Even if you aren't into gardening or guns, it's full of great writing and beautiful pictures. Oh yeah--if the sweet tea didn't give it away, it's all about the South.


I had dinner Sunday night at the great little restaurant in Inman Park, Wisteria. My mussels were delicious, and my favorite thing on the menu was the "southern antipasto:" pickled okra, cornbread sticks, pimiento cheese, and country ham. I will definitely be serving that at a little get together one day soon.
P.S. I wanted to include some more pictures with this post, but country ham and pimiento cheese just don't photograph very well.



Sara and Say-rah--this one is for y'all. I mean us. From Target, via the Scoop.


five star scent

I'm so proud. My favorite perfume of all time (I've been wearing it since I was 12, thanks to a quiz I took in Seventeen magazine) was given 5 stars in the new book, Perfumes: The Guide. Sort of a Zagat's for perfume--should be fun to read, since I've actually read that little red book cover to cover.

dinner party ideas (1)

When I can't sleep, I work on planning a little dinner party in my head (wonder where I got that--Mom?!??!). Should I go with the Mexican fiesta theme, I think I could swing these paper lanterns as decor. Via design*sponge.


seaside series II

Trey says "too much pink," but I disagree. I love these prints by Shannon Rankin.

the secret

Wonder if this lovely little letterpress print could be made into wallpaper? So I can read it all day, everyday? By Etsy seller elisejoy.

full of memories

I've never really been a fan of shadowboxes until I saw this image. From black*eiffel via this is glamorous.


wendy gell

Also via coco+kelley (seriously, that girl knows her stuff), these unbelievable bracelets by Wendy Gell. Would it stimulate the economy if I bought one of these?

princess lolly & lord licorice

Maybe it's because my job allows me to play Candyland all day, but I adore this image. And the rest of these images by the amazing stylist Lisolette Watkins. Found via coco + kelley, where many other wonderful things await.


on the bedside table

On my bedside table these days is Brideshead Revisited, which I'm reading in anticipation of the movie release later this summer. I wish that this bed and these chairs, by Suzanne Kasler, were sharing the room with me and my book.
{image: Elle Decor, July/Aug 2008}


small town style

Charming pictures set in the Italian small town of Atrani, on the Amalfi coast. Their style looks a little different than that of my fellow North Georgia small-towners.
{images: Rodney Smith for Departures}


happy 4th of july!

Hope you have a safe and happy 4th! If you are looking to get really drunk this holiday (and have someone drive you home), might I suggest the Cherry Mojito, also affectionately known as the Martha Stewart Slammer.