Happily Ever After

I wanted to post this picture because I loved the chalkboard, and then I realized that sharing chores probably is the key to a happy marriage. That Allison is one lucky girl. So is this Laura. Another secret, I suppose, is to take vacations, which is where I'm headed on Tuesday. See you in about a week.
{image: Body + Soul}

Closet Inspiration

Although my closet is the size of a matchbox, this picture has inspired me to color coordinate it when I switch over from cool to warm weather clothes. Too bad it isn't filled with Marc Jacobs.
{image: Town & Country}


Today's Favorite Flower

...is ranunculus. I couldn't believe my luck when I found these on Easter at Trader Joe's.
P.S. Thanks to All Things Bright and Beautiful for helping me figure out this side by side posting thing.

For a Good Cause

Great bracelet, great price, great cause. Check it out at www.charm4life.com.


New Clothes

I, like The Speckled Egg, became obsessed with this outfit after I saw it on her blog. So I decided to see if I could recreate it. While I caved on the sweater, I found a $35 skirt at Zara and this top from J. Crew, which I think will work just fine. It was a mental exercise, if you will, sort of like Sudoku.
P.S. I tried on the top in the picture, and it was way too hard to get in and out of, a deal breaker for me.


Kristin Hinkle Designs

Floral design, to me, is akin to magic. I'm always amazed at how flowers in buckets turn into works of art. My dear friend Kristin is one of those magicians. I think I've talked her into starting her own blog, soI'll keep you posted. In the meantime, if you need "fresh flowers or container gardens," give her a call.



All the Best did a little thing on the website Cerulean, which has great clothing and accessories. My favorite so far is this Matta top.

Spring Cleaning

This scent from Caldrea will make you want to clean your kitchen. I wonder if it comes in an eau de toilette?

Ordered Chaos

I have a great fear of clutter, and one of my favorite things to do is throw things away. I do let myself get a little wild and crazy with my bulletin board, which safely hangs on the back of my pantry door. I love Annsley Mcaleer's desk and board, too, from the Domino website.
P.S. You can never have too many l.l. bean bags.


Eat Your Veggies

I loved this idea in MS Living: a vegetable patch crudite centerpiece. They used a galvanized planter, and filled the bottom with sprouts and a little water. I think Peter Rabbit would be very pleased.

Lavender Luncheon

I would so love to be dining al fresco, at the Carousel Lavender Farm in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. As featured in Martha Stewart Living March 2008. Wonder if I'd need as much bug spray up there?


Morning Walk

I am highly motivated to exercise (i.e. walk around the neighborhood) when there is window shopping involved. Spotted some nice window displays this morning, all dressed up for spring.
At Mitzi's Shoe Box, Highland Gifts for Men, and Bella Cucina.


Pola Love

This girl is not playing around with her polaroids. They are wonderful. I think I might go line up all my shoes right now and try to recreate that shot.

And the great news is she's part of this book coming out this summer. I will definitely be adding it to my bookshelf.

Christy + Ben, Part II

Just a few more shots of the very fun wedding. Loved how the maid and matron of honor wore chartreuse, and the rest of the bridesmaids wore chocolate sashes.

Happy Spring!


Christy + Ben, Part I

So a couple of years ago, Trey and I and our dear friends Charlie and Sara set up Trey's cousin Christy and Charlie's brother Ben. These pictures were the beautiful end result. Nothing better than early Spring in the Deep South. A perfect example of how down here, we're all related. And we do our best to keep it that way.


Spring Inspiration

Just a pretty picture from April's body+soul magazine. Photographed by Buff Strickland.

A Note on Cherries

I think cherries are the sweetest little design. I have these from tiny prints, Marta just did some nice ones, and these letterpress from pearl papers are divine.


Nice Work

I don't know if it's the pretty blue chairs or the fresh flowers, but I think I could be very productive in this office. It belongs to Melissa Davis of Ruby Press, and I found it on {frolic}.

Domino Style

While of course I love Domino for the interiors, I often get fashion inspiration from all the cute people that live in the houses they feature. Like the black and white top and sandals of architect and designer Lenardin Madden (March 2008).


Hurry, Spring!

Even though I am a mosquito magnet (not a great thing in the humid South), I love a little outdoor dinner party. Think I need to pick up Martha's Outdoor Living magazine to get inspired. Has anyone flipped through it?

Yes, Please

I NEED this J. Crew dress for spring. I also NEED them to do another free shipping offer.


Set the Table

I can still hear my mom's words ringing in my ears, "Laura, go practice your piano and then set the table!" Well, the piano didn't stick (although I can play a little Moonlight Sonata), but I have a great appreciation for anyone who goes beyond fork, knife, and spoon.
{image: House Beautiful February 2008}


Sweet Dreams

Pretty bedrooms with pink, for big girls and little girls. From House Beautiful March 2008.