New Clothes

I, like The Speckled Egg, became obsessed with this outfit after I saw it on her blog. So I decided to see if I could recreate it. While I caved on the sweater, I found a $35 skirt at Zara and this top from J. Crew, which I think will work just fine. It was a mental exercise, if you will, sort of like Sudoku.
P.S. I tried on the top in the picture, and it was way too hard to get in and out of, a deal breaker for me.


Jane said...

yeah, i'm passing on that top as well. i agree with your assessment. still need the skirt. (i too have already purchased the sweater!) glad you liked it.

Laura said...

the top also said "spot clean only" which also frightened me away! i have a feeling i'll be wearing the sweater forever!