no. 23: personalized playing cards

I've been thinking it might be fun to learn how to play bridge, and maybe I'll give these as a gift to some friends to entice them to join me. These personalized cards are $35 at Horchow, and they are by far the cutest. There are also some monogrammed playing cards available at American Stationery for $24.

no. 22: tocca

Take your pick of these lovelies from Tocca: the Laundry Delicate is $15, the Solid Perfume is $30, and the small Candelina is $16. Or mix and match for a very sweet gift.


no. 21: kiehl's lip balm

For the Kiehl's lip balm addict, a set of three flavored lip balms, $25.50.

no. 20: ana candles

Well, you had to know this one was coming. I think a pair of Ana Candles would be an excellent housewarming gift, as they are the easiest decoration around. At Paper-Source, $22.


no. 19: honey

I remember seeing Bee Raw Honey all over the place last year, and I still can't get it out my head. While the 4 vials/$45 does not adhere to the "30 gifts for $30" policy (but sure does look pretty), you can get a duo for $29, and it would probably be just as (you knew it was coming) sweet.

no. 18: letterpress calendar

Linda and Harriet's letterpress calendar ($24) was my favorite last year, and she's done another great one this year. This is one of those gifts I usually buy in multiples, and make sure to include one for me.

no. 17: personalized spatulas

A thoughtful stocking stuffer for the chef, personalized spatulas, $14 for two at Williams-Sonoma.


no. 16: keepsake box

I've loved the look of sliced timber ever since I saw some little tables like this at Saks one day. And now I'm going to have to up the price limit for these 30 gifts to $35 to include this box, at Cerulean for $35. I think it's worth the extra fiver.


no. 15: jonathan adler ornament

I bought one of these Jonathan Adler ornaments at Pieces last year, and I'm sure I'll buy another this year. They are also available on his website, $24-$28.

no. 14: snail's pace race game

This game is one of my favorites to play with kids, and they really seem to like it, too. Like all Ravesnburger games, it's very durable. $24.95 at Fat Brain Toys.

no. 13: tinkertoys

Don't you think every kid should have a set of these? And the beautiful thing is you don't even have to buy any batteries. At Back to Basics Toys, for $25.99.


no. 12: personalized notepad

These personalized notepads are about as cute as it gets. Four notepads for $30, by Erin Condren.

no. 11: bathing suit bag

This cute little bag lets you get one more swim in the morning before you have you leave the beach after lunch. At Basic French for $20.


lunch at joel

Joel Restaurant (I do not know how to add the accent trema to the "e" in blogger) is one of Atlanta's finer dining establishments. I was reading Eat It, Atlanta (the fun food blog of a friend of a friend) and discovered they are now offering a bistro lunch. I have been salivating over the menu ever since.
P.S. Mom--click on the menu to be able to read it without your glasses.


no. 10: the one hundred

I cannot imagine a better gift for one of your college roommates, the who used to let you borrow all of her clothes without asking (and how lucky that you even wore the same show size?!?). With great illustrations, The One Hundred by Nina Garcia is $17.56 at Barnes and Noble.

no. 9: gien dish

I keep a little Gien dish by my bed for rings, chapstick, quarters, etc. I think this small cake plate, in one of my favorite patterns Oiseaux de Paradis, could serve that same purpose for a friend. I found it at Manor Home and Gifts for $27.

no. 8: l.l. bean tote

It really is hard to beat this bag, the classic boat and tote bag from L.L. Bean. I love that it was originally designed to carry blocks of ice. The large version is $24, plus $6 for monogramming.


your own house of cards

What a great idea, to make your own Eames inspired house of cards. Perfect for photos from a favorite trip. Full instructions over at design*sponge.


no. 7: onion goggles

Some might think this gift sounds a bit silly, but I think it's brilliant. Especially for someone like me, who ends up chopping onions with my eyes closed (not exactly safe, with my ER history). From Violet, these onion goggles come in a couple of other colors for $20.

no. 6: bookplates

Great looking self-adhesive bookplates from Pink Loves Brown. $21 for a set of 24.


no. 5: the travel book

This book, by Lonely Planet, takes you through every country in the world. A perfect gift for the seasoned or the armchair traveler. At amazon, for $19.80.


no. 4: italian recipe book

I think this little Italian recipe book by Angela Liguori would make a great gift for just about anyone with a kitchen. It contains twelve recipes, and is available in her Etsy shop for $18.


no. 3: fracas eau de parfum

If you know any fans of the classic fragrance Fracas by Robert Piguet, Sephora has a little roll-on eau de parfum for $25. And though it goes above the $30 limit I've set, a 1 oz. spray in the classic black bottle is $45.

happy 50th, lilly!

Happy 50th Anniversary to Lilly Pulitzer! And congratulations on some of the best looking prints you've put out in a long, long time. As a recovering addict, this new collection may make me fall off the wagon.


no. 2: ipod speaker

If I'm going to get these gifts done in 30 days (by December 5th), I guess I better get going. For the iPod crowd (not me, though, I actually just bought a new AM/FM "walkman," if you will), this cute little Lego-inspired speaker. At Fred Flare for $25, and it works with all iPod varieties.

no. 1: moravian cookies

First up in 30 gifts/days/dollars, these Moravian Cookies. Named for the Moravian settlement in Winston-Salem, NC and made there, too, these things have got to be some kind of miracle of baking. They are so thin and so delicious, you really will be able to eat the entire tube. Gift set of 3 flavors (spice, sugar, and lemon), $27.99 at Salem Baking Co.


getting down to business

Now that this election thing is over, I think it's time to get serious about the holidays. So I'm going to try to get my shopping done early, and I already have some gifts in mind. I saw the idea for "30 gifts under $30" last year on Jordan's blog, and thought I'd try it this year, too. Stay tuned.
{image: martha stewart}


suzyjack calendar

I think I may have already reached my calendar max for the year (I've already bought this one and this one), but I love this one by SuzyJack.