Pure Style

I finally gave in and ordered these two books (1 & 2) from amazon tonight. I love Jane Cumberbatch's website so much that I've exhausted its contents. So it was time.

On the Fridge

I bought the cutest little set of magnets the other night on Etsy, from seller Paper Menagerie.
If getting little packages in the mail makes you as happy as it does me, then I would recommend getting yourself a little something, too.


Toujours Provence

Here's a little mini-vacation: Just close your eyes and pretend you are in this Provencal garden. From Town & Country, May 2008.

Subversive for Target

Was I the last to know that Justin was designing for Target? Can't believe I was so late on this one, especially given my love for big jewelry.


D. Porthault

Rita Konig posted pictures of some delightful Porthault sample books. Who doesn't love Porthault? I'll tell you who, and here's a hint: I'll file this under "things Trey will never agree to having in our home." But I love my little modern architect all the same.

Lost in Blogland


I'm scurrying around trying to get out of town (a little graduate school reunion in Chapel Hill), but I wanted to post these lovelies to explore more when I get home. Found via Ruby Press (and she found La[forgive the missing accent] via frolic!). Those Europeans have sure got some style.


Now & Then

Like everyone else, I loved the photo layout of the Kaufman Desert House in J.Crew. Flipping through Men's Vogue, I found this 1970 photo by Slim Aarons. Good thing J.Crew didn't take too much fashion inspiration from previous owners, although those ladies do look mighty sassy.


For Mom (and other lovers of pretty interiors)

Things That Inspire posted the beautiful interiors from this Buckhead real estate listing. Mom--too bad Dad refuses to come inside the perimeter, or it could all be yours. Except for the $3.4 mil price tag.
P.S. Mom--to see the rest of the house, click on the word "this." Or just click here.


Orange + Blue

Sometimes Etsy make my dreams come true. I love this ribbon, from seller CardBlanc, and I think my mom will like it on her Mother's Day gift. She's always sweet enough to let me have my ribbons right back.

Size 6 1/2, Please

Wow, these are really cute shoes. I saw them on ali loves curtis, and hopefully I'll see them soon in my closet. And the best part? They're from Target.

Seated Dinner

Now that the pollen is beginning to clear, I've got outdoor dining on the brain. Hope to get some succulents for my table, like these from Blueprint.
P.S. I broke down and ordered all the back issues of Blueprint. May be the best $20 I've ever spent.


Get Comfortable

Let's just say I like to be comfortable. Ninety-five percent of the reason I love my job is because I get to wear scrubs to work. If my life was a bit fancier, this dress would be my idea of evening wear. From Vogue, by the label Osklen, described as"the line between fast urbanity and laid-back coasting", with "decidedly minimalist organza dresses and organic-cotton tees."


Five Minute Florist

I saw this wonderful little book at Pier 1, for $10. I thought to myself (what I always think to myself about books), "Oh, I'll just order it from amazon." Where, oddly enough, it is $11.01. Guess I'll head back over to Pier 1.

Green + Blue

Currently, I am loving apple green (or fresh clover, according to j.crew) and blue, especially navy blue. Bedroom by Annsley Mcaleer, clothes by j.crew, and notecard by Linda & Harriett.


Spring (Magazine) Cleaning

I was getting rid (I mean recycling) some magazines over the weekend, and I ran across these favorites from an old Vogue. That may be my favorite necklace of all-time.

Laura Goes Green

I thought this was the best idea, to recycle old dress shirts into napkins. Even with my limited sewing skills, I think I could take on Trey's closet of old shirts. From body + soul magazine.

Cute Outfit

Found this cute outfit while flipping through the Barney's Co-op catalog. Jacket and top by Trovata, scarf by Virginia Johnson.


The Masters

In honor of the last round today at The Masters, a polaroid of some azaleas in my front yard, and my favorite recipe for pimento cheese. At one of the most exclusive sporting events in the world, you can still get a sandwich and a beer for about $3.

From Frank Stitt's Southern Table; click on picture to enlarge recipe.


Vacation: Where I Slept

In this heavenly bed, in this fabulous room, with a little plunge pool outside the window on the right.


Vacation: What I Drank

Margaritas, of course. And at tea time, Earl Grey with lime, as ordered by the mummy of the adorable English family who was also "on holiday" at our hotel. I tried to get the Pucci-wearing Grammy of Georgina and Thomas to adopt me, but clearly I failed.

Vacation: What I Read

On vacation, I prefer my reading material to be pretty light. Trey, on the other hand, selected Borges and Hemingway. The Swan House was really good, and The Beautiful Fall was dee-licious. Gives you a whole new perspective when walking through the perfume in the airport duty-free shop.

Back from Vacation

Back from a little vacation in Mexico. I guess I was smiling more like this picture when I left than when I got home. But I'd probably be smiling like that, again, if I had a set of that orange J.Crew luggage. Although I wouldn't let the guys at the Atlanta airport get near it.