The Masters

In honor of the last round today at The Masters, a polaroid of some azaleas in my front yard, and my favorite recipe for pimento cheese. At one of the most exclusive sporting events in the world, you can still get a sandwich and a beer for about $3.

From Frank Stitt's Southern Table; click on picture to enlarge recipe.


Jane said...

when we were in charleston, our hotel had some pimento cheese waiting for us in our room. i'd never tried it before. it's so good!

Things That Inspire said...

Not being a native of the south, I have always wondered how pimiento cheese was made (I love to eat it). Now I can understand why it is so delicious, but I had no idea it was so fattening! Oh well, you only live once.

Laura said...

It's definitely not a diet food, but it is worth every fat gram! I've made lots of recipes, and that one is the best (but don't tell my grandmother or her friends). I take a shortcut and use roasted red peppers in a jar.