The Secret of Life

A good book, bubbles, and a fabulous bathroom--that's all you really need. I think this bathroom belongs to one of the Herrera girls, and was in the first issue of Domino.


franki durbin said...

and magazines ;) but I agree, many pleasures can be found in the form of a good book and a bubble bath. Ahh...sweet leisure time.

I think I'll have to add candles to that bath time list of 'must haves' - so necessary! :)

And those blessed Herrera girls! To be born into such an atmosphere of style. Lovely to think about.

Brilliant Asylum said...

I had not heard of that book. Yay--Something fun to read!

Laura said...

I've just started the book, and so far, so good. Antonia Fraser's biography was pretty tough to get through, so I thought I'd try a lighter version.