Chateau de Massillan

Note to self: Next trip to Provence, I want to stay here, at the Chateau de Massillan. Located in the Vaucluse region, it was formerly the hunting lodge of Henry II and his life-long companion(i.e. mistress), Diane de Poitier. Now it just looks like a pretty amazing place to stay. Owned and designed by Peter Wylly and Birgit Israel.


Brilliant Asylum said...

That table with the mirror above it is so cool. Can you tell what it is made of? It looks like rope. Beautiful hotel!

franki durbin said...

I will promptly add this to my Provence list as well. Those stone walls and all of those terrific linens just draw me in. Those huge sunflowers just add to the optimistic vibe to an already cheery room.

Nice find, love!