happy birthday, dad!

My dad's one request since I started this blog was for me to post a picture of Trey and his turkey (Trey is on the left). I have told him repeatedly that I did not feel my gentle readers would be one bit interested in this topic, and I'm afraid some will be completely turned off altogether. But since my dad turns 60 today, I thought that I'd humor him, just this once.
P.S. He also asked for a correction to this post.


Jane Flanagan said...

Hahaha! I think it's sweet that you indulge your Dad on his birthday. Hope he enjoys it :)

Brilliant Asylum said...

Ha. Nice turkeys you have there.

I had not heard about that Marajuana bust. Nice going, State of Georgia! Thanks for the update.

Thomas said...

I love your blog (just discovered it) and Massey loves this photo!

I'm sure HE wishes he was a son-in-law of your father's, too. Hunting beats out museum tours with Prof. Chapman. Loves my Dad, but might love hunting "just as much."

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Oh I have to laugh - this is not a picture I would expect on your blog - but the things we do for our dad's!! :-)

Style Court said...

Happy belated birthday to your dad!!