i love fall: decorations

Seriously, fall is the easiest time of year to decorate, especially if you have an affinity for orange. Stack some pumpkins, throw out some gourds, and buy a couple of candles--you're set until December.
P.S. I seem to have developed an almost unhealthy obsession with Ana Candles, especially since they spiffed up their website.


a. said...

I have a small pumpkin on my desk and that's about as decorative as I get for fall but it's better than nothing!

I too love and commented on your last post regarding the Ana candles. Glad to see they've improved the look of their website!

Laura said...

I remember your comment! I guess it is because I love stripes, but anytime I see a couple, I buy them. And I haven't met a color combo I didn't like!

Amanda. said...

Fall! Oh how I love
it. The colors. The air.
Just everything.