But Not All Plaids Are Tartan

So I am completely sold on the whole plaid thing this year. Bought a blackwatch dress, now I probably need a little plaid clutch. Might as well wrap up this book, too. I must admit that last year I was tempted to buy a full length plaid taffeta skirt from J. Crew, but unfortunately, I do not own the English estate it needed to go with it.


Joanna Goddard said...

me, too! i love the new plaid trend and just got a plaid pencil skirt from urban outfitters.

your blog is great xo

Laura said...

thanks for visiting! i've been a little slack posting lately because my husband has taken over the computer, but I'm going to have to kick him off tonight!

Style Court said...

I love J. Crew's long tartan skirts and Chatsworth :)