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What, the title Wine and War, doesn't appeal to you? Well, don't let the word "war" scare you. My dad gave me this page-turner, about how the French saved their wine from the Nazis during WWII. And let me tell you, this recession sounds like a cakewalk compared to the German occupation.
{images: barnes and noble, eddie ross (looks like it was in martha stewart)}


Michelle said...

Dude, I use the "not as bad as German occupation" to make myself feel better all the time, for reals, it sounds like a page turner though.

Prepster said...

Sounds like a great book... I'll pick it up for my next good read!

I love that bedroom... green is such a great reminder that spring is almost here!

The Antiques Diva™ said...

You've just honed in on one of my husband's favorite books. A few years ago we met the authors at a wine tasting in Paris held at The American Library (in their honor) and they were the most amazing down to earth people! If you're into wine books another read you might enjoy is Nobel Rot - A Bordeaux Wine Revolution by William Echikson. My current book of the moment is 1001 Wines to Taste Before You Die