something old

So that top picture is my mother's wedding dress, as worn by my cousin Leah. When I got married two years ago, Leah worked her magic and made the dress into the ring bearer's pillow and a ribbon for my bouquet. Alas, she couldn't really do anything with that collar.
p.s. Leah, please don't think that the title "something old" refers to anything but the dress!


Brilliant Asylum said...

That was nice that you could incorporate her dress into your own wedding. I am counting the minutes until our weddings (mine and those of my friends) start to look totally dated and embarrassing. There is always that awkward period before the photos start to look classic and/or cool again.

Sophie said...

All this wedding talk is exciting even me and I'm a long way off from getting married! The dress is classic and how special you found a way to incorporate it into your wedding some how! Keep up the wedding posts, I love hearing about your plans