Gwyneth's Overnight Bag

I read in House and Garden that for overnight trips, Gwyneth packs her Lanvin flats, Stella McCartney dress, and toothbrush into her L.L. Bean tote. Check on the toothbrush and tote, and maybe some J. Crew flats and a Susana Monaco dress will work just as well.


design for mankind. said...

Ooh, I LOVE the j. crew flats! Good substitute!!! :)

Brilliant Asylum said...

L.L. Bean totes may not be the hippest bag in town (even if Gwynnie uses them), but they are the best beach bags for travel because you can fold them flat in your suitcase. And they stand upright in the sand, which is always helpful.

Cuuute flats!

a. said...

It drives me crazy that J. Crew flats just don't seem to fit my feet!