Shabby Chic

A new Shabby Chic opened at Lenox Square not too long ago. While I haven't been in the store, those words came to mind while doing some holiday visiting in South Georgia last weekend. Oh, to think what those houses once were, and hopefully will be again.


Brilliant Asylum said...

Where is Monteczuma, Georgia? I must find out! How cool would it be to live in an antebellum home? They are non-existant in Atlanta.

Laura said...

'Zuma is between Perry and Americus--does that help? In Macon County, where my husband is from, there are several little towns, each with a handful of antebellum homes. Some are amazing, and some need a great deal of work. One of those pictured, unfortunately, is next to a Dairy Queen!

Things That Inspire said...

The Shabby Chic in Lenox is small, but worth a visit. They have some lovely items.